The ΘG Energy-Drink Company


Welcome to the world of fighters of life and sport.

The ΘG ENERGY Company is 100% Greek company which was established in May 2014, based in Thessaloniki of Greece.

Cause of incorporation, the implementation of a long and persistent effort to create our Energy Drink, which proved necessary along with organizing and conducting martial arts events, activity that occupied anyway the same members that comprise today the ΘG ENERGY Company. After a difficult journey of 2.5 years on August 15 2014, the company received in its hands the much desired Super Fighters Energy Drink. A quality product which was characterized by 80% of the first one thousand people who participated in tastings as the most delicious energy drink that have ever tasted.

The manufacturing plant in Poland is one of the largest and most specialized plants producing energy drinks, reliably, with prompt service and ability to produce large quantities.

The product meets all legal and health requirements and it has been registered in the Greek Ministry of Commerce, Trademarks department.

The company, shortly after its foundation, organized an event of professional level to promote the 0G Energy Drink

At the same time, it takes part in High Speed Craft and motorsport racings, in the field of speed and skill.

Also ΘG ENERGY Company, otherthan television, radio and newspaper, uses for advertising social media and wed promotion.

The company supports with several advertising ways its customers.

The aim of the company is to support and participate in martial arts events extreme sports, motorsports as well parties with famous DJ and VIP guests. This shows its considerable activity and its intentions in promotion and advertising of the ΘG Energy Drink.

We hope for a successful sincere and mutual cooperation.